Statement: The Triangle

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The Cinderford Triangle and Clock Tower
The Cinderford Triangle

Cinderford Town Council is very disappointed with the manner in which the Forest of Dean District Council have handled the Lease arrangements for the Triangle.

Following original negotiations/meetings regarding the terms of the Lease, the Town Council had been given to understand that the Lease would be re-drawn, or the possibility of the freehold of the area being passed to the Town Council.

As a legal notice has now been served, the Town Council has been given the option of continuing with the Lease in its current form, which is not cost effective for anyone managing the area, or to give notice to terminate the Lease, and to hand back the area to the District Council

The town centre development was carried out with Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) funding for the community of Cinderford, with the Forest of Dean District Council, acting as the accountable body. The SRB guidance clearly states;

‘Partnerships may wish to transfer the ownership of grant funded assets at the end of the scheme, e.g. to a community organisation or to the local authority so that the community can continue to benefit from the investment….’.

The ‘community’ in this instance, being Cinderford not the Forest of Dean.

The Cinderford Triangle is not an asset for the Forest of Dean District Council and should not be treated as such.

Cinderford Town Council has managed and maintained the area since its opening, and would wish to continue to do so. However, the current Lease is not acceptable and the terms need to be re-drawn and agreed. We are hopeful that the District Council will re-open negotiations regarding the Lease, prior to the Town Council taking formal legal action.

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  • The Triangle should be owned and run by the community ie Cinderford: ie the Cinderford Town Council.

    • so in laymans terms f o d d c were if you like execorters of the moneys so therefor should abide by stipulation on the contract there of not grab more from already town that is struggling to survive i think we should together make a stand for our community not to be sold off to the highest bidder f oddc can not even show whats happened to the regeneration money for the northern quarter project spent and even before a sod is dug to be quite honest i wouldnt trust them to run a [edited] up in the bewery now cinderford town council have maintained the triangle for ten years or more im sure you can claim it as ours

    • Absolutely- it is our Community asset

  • Could not believe the Triangle {centre of Cinderford) was not owned and run by the community of Cinderford. This should be rectified immediately.

    Angela Lewis
  • So what was the result ? This seems to be a year out of date

    • We are committed to keeping the Triangle as an asset for the town and the centre of a prosperous community. Plans are being put in place and we hope to be able to make further announcements in the near future.

      Chris Witham Administrator

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