Commonwealth Day

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Commonwealth Day Flag Party in Cinderford.
Pictured left to right: Jer Holland, Ryan Morgan, Goeff Jones, Cllr Roger Sterry, Cllr Chris Witham, Les Love, Anne Weyman and Joe Powell-Chandler

The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 56 independent and equal countries across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific.

Cinderford Town Council took part in the Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth event, which will saw local authorities, community groups, charities and others hold flag-raising ceremonies on March 13, Commonwealth Day 2023.

In Cinderford, the ceremony will began at 2.30 pm and was led by Cllr Chris Witham, Chair of Cinderford Town Council.  Cllr Roger Sterry, the Mayor of Cinderford Town Council will raised the flag and The Town Crier, Jer Holland, performed the cry. 

Commonwealth Day 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Commonwealth Charter by Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on March 11, 2013.

The Commonwealth Flag for Peace features a white dove in the bottom right-hand corner of the Commonwealth flag, symbolising the shared values and principles of the Commonwealth, including co-operation on economic and social development, diversity, respect, friendship and the promotion of peace around the world”.