Calendar Of Meetings

Most Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, commencing at 7.00pm.  The Council has an Estates & Finance Committee, Events Committee, Playing Fields Committee & Personnel Committee.  The dates for the Committee meetings will be advertised when the Committee agrees to meet.  Below are the Council meeting dates:

Full Council
Estates & Finance
Playing Fields
MayAnnual Parish/Community Open Meeting 14th at 6pm
Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 14th at 7pm
AugustNO COUNCIL/COMMITTEE MEETINGS – Planning decisions will be taken under S101 Delegated Powers following email consultation with Councillors.

The council has 15 Councillors who carry out the decision making of the council.  They do this through a series of regular meetings.  The council and committee meetings follow the process set out in Standing Orders to ensure that everyone knows what is on the agenda and is able to hold an informed debate.  Meetings deal with routine matters brought to Councillors for their attention, and also give the opportunity for individual Councillors to suggest their ideas and initiatives.

The agenda for each meeting is published in advance on the parish noticeboards and available to download from our website. 

Meetings are open to the public, except for the Personnel Committee and certain items where confidential matters (such as staffing) are discussed.  We welcome members of the public attending meetings of the Council and its committees.  Please note that meeting rooms are held on the ground floor.  If you have an accessibility issue you may wish to avoid the steps at the front of St Annal’s House building and instead you are welcome to use the rear or side entrance which are both fully accessible. 

Minutes of meetings are published on the website after the meeting has been held.  The minutes of each council or committee meeting are approved at the next meeting of the council or the relevant committee, and so the latest minutes posted on this site should be regarded as being in draft form.