Forest fitness centre volunteers presentation

Alan Elliot Retirement

Town Councillors made a retirement presentation to Alan Elliot at the Forest Fitness Centre this week as he passed on […]

Entrance to the Miner's Welfare Field

New kissing gate for Miner’s Welfare Field

Continuing our programme of work to try and secure our recreation areas from boar damage, we have installed a new […]

Cinderford Triangle

Statement: Mining Statue

Following recent press articles referring to the court case of Mr. Dave Harvey, Cinderford Town Council wishes to make clear […]

Glebe land fencing

Fencing of Glebe land off St White’s Road

After it was brought to our attention that the Glebe parcel off St White’s Road was being fenced, Councillor Chris […]

View of Cinderford Triangle from the Tower

Cinderford Live

Cinderford Town Council has launched a live webcam of the town centre in a bid to increase interest in the […]

Cinderford Town Council announces Standstill Budget

Last night, Tuesday 10 January, Cinderford Town Councillors voted unanimously for a standstill budget for the cost of delivering services […]