Precept Statement

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Cinderford Town Council met on 25th January 2023 and agreed the 2023/24 precept as £477,131- a
16.12% increase over last years precept of £410,882. This gives a band D charge of £192.66, a
14.58% increase over last years Band D charge of £168.15.

How your council tax is used in Cinderford

The Band D annual increase is £24.51 or, a weekly increase of 47pence. Most people in Cinderford
will not pay the full increase as these figures are based on a band D property and the majority of
properties in Cinderford are in Band A and B.

Since the last budget, Cinderford Town Council now owns the Dockham Road building which will
become a community building with established tenants. As landlords, the Town Council are obliged to
fulfil their obligations to install a compliant fire alarm system, undertake necessary roof repairs and
conduct ongoing property maintenance. The Council are delighted to be owners of the Dockham
Road building as it will house Forest Voluntary Action Forum and provide a much needed base for
Citizens Advice. During what are such challenging times for many, we believe that securing access to
vital community services within Cinderford Town Centre represents a very worthwhile investment for
the Town. At the new Hub people will be able to access housing support through CCP, weight
management and stop smoking advice through Healthy Lifestyles, welfare and legal advice with
Citizens Advice, and volunteering and community development support through FVAF. A community
pantry will be available numerous days of the week for anyone that might be struggling. The Hub will
also host a wide variety of community events, drop-in services, and for the first 6 months operate a
banking drop in service with Lloyds Bank. Further down the line we will see the introduction of a
community growing space and kitchen to help develop food skills and educational opportunities. If it
wasn’t for this investment it is likely that these services will be lost not only to Cinderford, but also the
Forest of Dean.

This financial year, the Council is also conducting some internal works to The Wesley. Purchased by
the Town Council in 2022, The Wesley has become a Community and Arts Centre for the Forest of
Dean and has established itself as a popular and welcome asset with over 200 hours use a month by
members of the local community and groups.